Weingut Hümmler



... Hammelburger Trautlestal

This situation with his numerous valleys enjoys from the early morning hours (southeast) till the late evening (southwest) the rays of the franconian sun. Particularly the so-called "Buchberg" is suited by his almost purely southern adjustment for backward kinds, how Silvaner or various Burgundian. Hence, not without reason the Buchberg is registered in the archives of Hammelburg as a "golden blade".


... Hammelburger Heroldsberg

This situation in the southwest hillside above Hammelburg enjoys preferentially the intensive sunrays during the midday and evening hours. Hence, she is suited very well for early to middle backward kinds, as for example Bacchus and Müller-Thurgau.


... Hammelburg Burg

The great situation Hammelburger castle encloses all single situations with her valleys in the Saaletal.