Weingut Hümmler

lexicon of grape variety

white wine:

hybrid: (Silvaner x Riesling) x Müller-Thurgau.
He owes his name to the Roman name for the Greek god of wine Dionysos.
His bouquet is variously from green nettle about citrus fruits up to ripe apple.


hybrid: Trollinger x Riesling
He owes his name to the writer Justinus Kerner (1786-1862)who lives and workes as an upper public health officer in Weinsberg.
His bouquet is fruity and fine which can also show a light nutmeg tone. It is similar very much to the Riesling.


hybrid: Riesling x Silvaner
The name Müller-Thurgau is not uniform, because in some areas he is also known as a Rivaner.
His bouquet has a pleasant nutmeg tone. Young tastes a Müller-Thurgau best of all.


Where from the Silvaner comes originally is argumentative. However, is clear that he was brought in 1665 by Alberich Degen (abbot of the Cistercian's abbey Erbach in the Steigerwald) to Franconia. Therefore seems to have come of the Silvaner of Austria first to Franconia and then to the remaining German cultivation areas. On rock grounds and gravelly soils very fruity Silvaner-wine can originate with enough humidity. In heavy grounds he becomes even rather massive.


It is an advancement of the Ruländer and this again of the blue Burgundian.
Earlier he was also called than "Weisser Klevner" what was converted in 1874 into "white Burgundian".
With this name the narrow relationship with the blue and grey Burgundian is shown clearly.

red wine:

hybrid: Lemberger x Dornfelder
The bouquet is corpulent and harmoniously with discreet tannic acid mark.


hybrid: Portugieser x Spätburgunder
Domina is rich in body and well covered. The longer the barrel maturity, the more around and more wholehearted is he.


The Burgundian is one of the oldest cultural shoots and his cultivation in Burgundy can be traced back up to the 4th century. His bouquet is wholehearted, velvety and has a fine aroma (Burgundian's tone) which reminds of bitter almond. From the late Burgundian the best red wines of the world are won.


The black Riesling is an advancement of the blue late Burgundian.
He is called in Germany also "Müllerrebe".